Vending and Office Coffee Service Chicago

Commercial Food Systems/Commercial Coffee Service offers multiple options for your company's break room. Our service caters to the large call center or even the small office. Contact us today regarding your break room needs and we will come in and be happy to help you work out a solution that will keep your employees on the job and more productive.

We can provide you an array of traditional snacks, healthy snacks, beverages including hot beverage machines, cold and frozen food machines that are available with free, subsidized, and paid vending options for you to choose from.


Traditional Vending Service
We have several options for your business to choose from. The first option is call our traditional vending service, where your employees will pay the full price for the food or beverages we supply. The cost to you will be nothing. All equipment is state of the art and the vending machines are placed at no charge to your company.
Keeping Your Workers on the Job with Subsidized or Free Vending
When you offer your employees the option of buying food and beverages on site most employees will take advantage of it out of convenience. Drop the price down with a Subsidized plan where you pay the difference, or with Free Vending Services you leave the responsibility of cost entirely in your hands. With Subsidized or Free Vending Services you offer your employees an additional benefit and will keep your workers happy and on site for more of the work day.

Office Coffee Service
A hot brewed beverage solution including an assortment of coffee and teas with quality break room supplies in the workplace is so important to all businesses alike. All brewing equipment is no charge to you and we continually monitor your break room to make sure it is always fully stocked. Commercial Coffee Service can help offer your employees a designated coffee or "break" room filled with all the essentials to make it a success.  

Water Filtration Service
We offer water filtration devices featuring the most advanced filtering and UV systems available. These systems help deliver safe, crisp-tasting hot and cold water on demand, at the push of a button. Commercial Coffee Service also offers 5 gallon bottles spring and purified options featuring both hot and cold water.  

For more information on our office coffee service or on our water filtration systems click here.  


Why Choose Commercial Food Systems/Commercial Coffee Service?  

  • Long Term Employees
  • Office Coffee Service
  • Water Filtration Service
  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • 24/7 Customer Service (Including Weekends).
  • No Charge for Maintenance Calls
  • Traditional and Subsidized Vending Options
  • Daily / Weekly Restocking of Products