Vending Machines Chicago

Commercial Food Systems provides a wide variety of brand name snack items for your machines including but not limited to chips, cookies, breakfast items and soups.

Our goal is to stock your machine with items that your employee's want. To that end, we conduct a pre-installation survey before a machine is ever placed in your workplace. This allows our staff to gauge the demographics of your environment in order to better meet the needs of your employees. Once the machine is installed, our route drivers evaluate product consumption through our customized vending program which will eliminate slow-moving items.

Have a preference for an item that isn't currently in your lineup? Just ask your route driver on his next stop and he/she will make sure the change is made. Or click here to contact us. 



Brand Name Snacks

We carry an extensive selection of snack food products such as pop tarts, cookies, soups, pastries, bagged candies, nuts, gums and mints. 

Assorted Chips

We stock a wide variety of salty snacks from all the different manufacturers including Frito-Lay, Herr's, Snyder's and Jays. We are always open for suggestions.

Candy Bars

Our large selection of candy bars includes all of your favorites. We continually monitor sales to ensure your machine contains items your employees want.